Average Settlement for a Car Accident: How Much?

Individuals seeking injury compensation via settlement frequently inquire about the amount they might expect to receive following their accident. There is no exact average award amount, as vehicle accident instances vary greatly. Some will accept a few thousand bucks, while others will accept several million. A Greenville auto accident attorney will be required to understand the intricacies of your case.

Many elements influence the final settlement in every case. This includes factors such as whether or not the plaintiff was intoxicated, the extent of the defendant’s liability as well as the amount of physical and emotional trauma the victim endured.

It also includes the severity of their injuries (permanent ones), the length of time they will require assistance, the need for surgery or invasive procedures, the number of medical bills they will incur, and more. Emotional distress, for example, can be compensable but challenging to value, so you should speak with an attorney about that as well.

If any, your fault in the accident also plays a crucial role in determining how much compensation you may obtain. Your compensation may be decreased in proportion to the degree of your fault.

Car Accident Settlement Value According to a Greenville Auto Accident Attorney:

Personal injury attorneys are well qualified to determine the settlement incurred in automobile accident claims by identifying and documenting any damages sustained.

Physical damages which include injuries like whiplash are assessed easily—the expense of medical treatment, lost income, etc. Non-physical damages, such as emotional distress and pain and suffering, are less quantifiable and thus more negotiable. Additional injuries that may affect the value of your case include future medical treatment or care, as well as any additional expected loss of income, perks, or opportunities.

If you sustained long-term harm, such as scarring or loss of any vital organ, you might be entitled to compensation for that loss and any resulting loss of enjoyment in life. If you are unable to work or fulfill your previous occupation’s obligations, you may also be able to claim damages for lost earnings.

Finally, you should be able to seek reimbursement for any damage to your personal property. This could include the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle if it was damaged in the accident, the cost of towing it, the price of a rental automobile, and so on. The best approach to determine the value of your claim and the time required to obtain a settlement—is to speak with an expert automobile accident lawyer.

What Is a Fair Settlement Amount in a Car Accident?

To determine what constitutes a fair settlement in the case, various aspects must be considered, including the actual damages sustained, the strength of the case, and the urgency with which settlement is required.

As previously indicated, the car accident attorney you hire will be able to determine the worth of the damages incurred. After sending a demand to their insurance company, the attorney will begin negotiating a settlement with the at-fault party’s insurance company.

The insurance provider will most likely begin with the lowest possible settlement offer. Your attorney will keep you informed of each offer made by the insurance company and will offer an opinion on whether it makes sense to accept the offer or continue pressing.

Suppose the insurance company does not make a reasonable settlement offer within a reasonable length of time that also depends on your case’s circumstances and value. In that case, your attorney may consider the prospect of accepting the lowest offer in exchange for the time, effort, and expense of going to trial.

A good attorney will always be prepared to take your case to court if necessary. However, most situations can be handled without going to court. Going to trial makes sense in some instances. In other circumstances, it may make more sense to make a small concession on the settlement value in exchange for receiving a check more quickly.

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Don’t Accept a Settlement Offer Without Talking to an Attorney:

Insurance companies are occasionally prompt in offering compensation following an accident. This sum is typically within their internal accounting restrictions, although it may not cover all of your expenses. It is critical to consult with a Greenville auto accident attorney on your legal options.

Settlements for car accident injuries do not usually account for the long-term medical consequences of an incident. If you accept an insurance company’s initial offer, you might waive your right to further damages if your injuries are more severe than you anticipated.

A lawyer with experience settling vehicle accident claims can assist you in determining a fair settlement amount. This may include emergency department visits, prescriptions, operations or procedures, physical rehabilitation, and other medical costs.

How Long Does a Settlement Take?

One of the reasons it is critical to get the services of a car accident attorney is that settlements might be lengthy. By retaining the services of a Greenville auto accident attorney, you can avoid the stress and frustration associated with the negotiation process. Both sides’ attorneys will communicate via phone, email, or in person to agree on a settlement sum.

Once both parties agree on a sum, you will receive a document specifying the amount and date of payment. The matter is concluded once you accept the settlement. Carefully read the settlement agreement to understand all of the terms. Almost always, settlements are final. After receiving it, you are no longer eligible for additional cash compensation.

The disparity between the initial settlement offers and your actual expenses may be thousands of dollars. Consult an attorney at all times.

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