Do I Need a Greenville Car Accident Lawyer?

When involved in a car crash, you need a car accident lawyer to handle your case. The laws surrounding car accidents are complex, which is why you should rely on a Greenville car accident attorney that will fight for your legal rights. A lot of the time, the end result of a car accident is a lot of property damage or extensive personal injuries. An experienced attorney can help you seek compensation for your expenses following a car wreck.

How Can a Greenville Car Accident Lawyer Help Me?

Having a car accident lawyer in South Carolina, on your side after a car wreck can help you get the compensation you are due for your injuries and property damage. Negotiating with insurance companies can be a difficult process, but your Greenville car accident attorney can handle all negotiations on your behalf. They know what a fair settlement amount is for your case and will fight to get you the maximum compensation you are owed.

When you hire a Greenville car accident lawyer, you can rest easy knowing that your case is handled. Your attorney will advise you on your legal rights and help determine what course of action you should take next to increase your chances of a successful end result.

Because taking a car accident case to court is a long and arduous process, your car crash attorney in Greenville, South Carolina, will work to get you a settlement through negotiations first. If a fair settlement is not offered by the insurance company, they will guide you through the legal process and represent you in court before a jury.
Your Greenville, SC car accident lawyer will build a case that proves the fault of the other driver and helps you receive the maximum settlement in your court battle. You will have their support all during the court process and have all your legal questions answered without delay.

You can count on your Greenville, South Carolina, car crash attorney to help you win your auto accident case so you can move forward after your wreck.

How Does a Greenville Car Accident Lawyer Prove Fault?

Hiring a car accident lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina, can help you prove the fault of another driver in your car crash claim. In Greenville, South Carolina, a comparative fault law is used to determine settlement awards. This means that your fault in a car accident is taken into consideration in addition to the other driver’s. While the other driver may have the majority of fault in a car crash, if you are any percentage of fault in your accident, it will reduce your settlement by that percent.

Your car accident attorney in Greenville, SC will establish majority fault with the other driver. By using a variety of information and tools as well as conducting their own investigation, your car accident lawyer will prove the negligence of the other driver in your car accident claim.

A Greenville car accident lawyer will obtain the police report for your accident and use it to determine the events of the accident and prove who the police found at fault in your car crash. They will also talk to witnesses to find out what they saw and who they believe is at fault in your car accident case. This can prove valuable as they may support your account of the accident and provide additional support should your case go to court.

A car crash lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina, will also conduct their own investigation of the car accident to determine if the other driver failed to comply with the laws of the road in any way. This can show negligence by another driver and help you win the maximum settlement award in your case.

Your Greenville car accident attorney will also advise you if your case will not receive a settlement based on your percentage of fault. If you are 50 percent or more at fault in a car crash case, you will not receive any settlement compensation and your case will be dismissed without any further action.

Does a Car Wreck Lawyer Negotiate with Insurance Companies?

A car accident lawyer will work on your behalf to negotiate with insurance companies for your settlement award. Most car accident cases settle out of court, and your attorney will work to help get you compensation for your injuries and property damage as quickly as possible.

Allowing your car accident lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina, to negotiate with an insurance company on your behalf leaves you free to recover from your injuries without the stress of taking their calls. Your car wreck attorney knows when a fair settlement has been offered and will advise you when you should accept the settlement from the insurance company. They can guide you through the process and will have your best interests in mind as they work to secure your settlement award.

When Does a Car Accident Lawyer in Greenville, SC File a Lawsuit?

Your Greenville  car accident lawyer will file your car crash lawsuit within the statute of limitations for car wreck claims. You have three years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit for any accident that resulted in injuries or property damage.

However, before filing a lawsuit, a car wreck lawyer will first try to negotiate with the other driver’s insurance company to get you a settlement award. If they are unable to procure a fair settlement amount, they may advise you to take your case to court. At this time, they would file your lawsuit with the court system. This needs to happen within the three-year deadline, so it is imperative that you speak to your car accident attorney in Greenville, SC, as soon as possible.

Reach Out to a Greenville Car Accident Attorney About Your Case Today

Hiring a Greenville car accident lawyer, can be beneficial as they work on your behalf to negotiate with insurance companies and get you the fairest settlement award in your car crash case. If your case should go to court, they will represent you and help you through the complex legal process. Contact a Greenville car accident attorney today.