How to Prove Injuries in a Car Accident in Greenville, SC

Thousands of persons are injured in car accidents every year. While injury victims deserve compensation for the harm that they have suffered, insurance companies are often hesitant to hand over a check without significant proof of the injury, as well as proof of fault (or lack thereof). Certain injuries – like soft tissue injuries – can be harder to prove than others, despite their prevalence. If you believe that handing over a doctor’s note to your insurance adjuster will be enough to prove injuries in a car accident, you are probably incorrect; proving injuries can be a complex process that requires medical evidence, testimony, and more. A South Carolina car accident attorney can help. Call a Greenville auto accident lawyer at Hernandez & Cabra, today.

Gathering Medical Data and Evidence to Prove Injuries in a Car Accident

Gathering medical data and evidence that speaks to the cause and extent of your injuries is the first step in proving injuries in a car accident. This includes all medical bills, records of doctor’s visits, prescriptions, treatment recommendations, and any other medical evidence that you may have. This medical evidence must be shared with the insurance adjuster; in an out-of-court settlement cannot be reached, it must also be shared with a court. If any important medical documentation is missing, it will be important that you collect is as soon as possible.

Recruiting The Right Team

Another important part of proving injuries after a car accident is the recruitment of non-lawyer expert witnesses. Accident reconstruction experts can do more than just surmise as to how the accident occurred, but can also offer insight as to likely injuries caused by the accident. Medical experts, such as specialists, may also be called into to provide testimony about the cause or extent of an injury.

When Injuries Are Not Just Physical

Of course, not all injuries are physical. If you have suffered psychological injuries, you deserve to be compensated for these as well. Proving psychological injuries is often more complicated than proving physical injuries, based on the fact that all psychological injuries are internal and cannot be seen. A car accident lawyer can help you to gather the evidence and recruit the expert witnesses necessary to testify on your behalf and support the claim that you have suffered a psychological injury as a direct result of your accident.

Following the Doctor’s’ Orders

One way that you can improve the chances of your claim being resolved in your favor and the insurance adjuster believing that you have sustained serious injuries is to follow your doctor’s orders to a T. If you do not follow your doctor’s order or follow up with appropriate treatment, the severity of your injuries may be doubted. Further, be sure to seek medical treatment as soon as possible after your accident, and the same day if possible. If you wait too long to seek treatment, your injuries may not be treated seriously or seen as believable.

If the insurance adjuster denies or lowballs your claim because they do not believe your injuries to be valid, do not accept a settlement offer. Instead, contact an experienced Greenville, South Carolina car accident lawyer to help prove injuries in a car accident.

What is My Greenville, South Carolina Car Accident Settlement Worth?

If you have been in a car accident that was caused by another driver, you need to know that you are protected by the law. You need a Greenville, South Carolina, car accident lawyer to defend your case against the other negligent driver and get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and property damage. There are several damages that you qualify for when involved in a car crash and a Greenville, South Carolina car accident attorney can help you determine what your total settlement is worth.

How Can a Greenville, South Carolina, Car Accident Lawyer Help?

When you hire a car accident lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina, you are getting peace of mind that your car crash case will be handled with care. Your car accident attorney will advise you on your legal rights and help you understand the law. They can guide you through the legal process of negotiating a settlement award for your injuries and property damage.

Your Greenville, South Carolina car accident lawyer will build a case against the negligent driver and reduce your liability in your car crash. This will ensure the maximum settlement award in your case and get you the most compensation for your injuries and property damage.

A car accident attorney in Greenville, SC, can provide you with the direction you need to file a lawsuit against an at-fault driver and represent you in court. They will work to get you the maximum compensation and fight for justice in your car accident case.

What Type of Damages Can I Request in My Greenville Car Accident Lawsuit?

Your Greenville, South Carolina, car crash lawyer can help you determine and what type of damages you qualify for in your case. They will request these damages from the insurance company and help negotiate a settlement award that is fair for your injuries and property damages. When you file a lawsuit against a negligent driver, you have a right to a variety of damages. These may include:

Medical Expenses

All the expenses that you incur from the injuries in your car accident are recoupable as part of your settlement award. This includes any hospital stays, doctor visits or physical therapy that are reasonable and necessary to treat your car accident injuries. You may also request future medical expenses that are necessary to treat your injuries in the future. If your injuries are severe or debilitating, you qualify for future medical expenses as part of your settlement award and a Greenville, South Carolina, car accident lawyer will request this as part of your total compensation.

Lost Wages

You may have missed work while recovering from your injuries and are entitled to receive compensation for these lost wages. Any lost time from work is recoverable through a settlement award, including any future work you may miss due to an injury that is severe or extensive in nature. Your car accident attorney in Greenville, SC, will fight to get you lost wages as part of your settlement award.

Pain and Suffering 

Often times, car crashes are emotionally trying, and you may have additional pain and suffering from the injuries and events of the car accident. You are due pain and suffering damages for any emotional stress and mental anguish that you experienced as a result of the car accident. Your Greenville, South Carolina, car crash lawyer can calculate these damages and request payment as a part of your total compensation award.

Loss of Enjoyment

When a car accident makes it impossible to enjoy the activities that you once loved, you qualify for a loss of enjoyment as part of your settlement award. These damages may be awarded for injuries that make it difficult or impossible to perform your favorite hobbies or attend events with friends and family. You are no longer enjoying the things that you once did, and a settlement award should reflect these losses. A car accident attorney in Greenville, South Carolina, will request these damages as part of your settlement and get you the compensation you deserve for your loss of enjoyment.

Loss of Consortium

There are also times when a loss occurs that affects your relationship with a loved one. This could be from death or a change in behavior due to their mental or physical capacity from their car accident injuries. These losses are recoupable through a settlement award, and your car accident lawyer will fight to get you compensation for these damages after a car accident has taken your loving relationship from you.

Punitive Damages

There are times when the court will order that punitive damages be awarded in a car accident settlement. These damages are typically used to punish the defendant in the case financially and impact them more severely than the initial settlement request. Punitive damages also act as a deterrent to other drivers to forego reckless and dangerous behavior that could hurt another. The judge will determine if punitive damages are necessary for your case and order them if it is appropriate. Your Greenville, South Carolina car accident lawyer will help you understand if punitive damages could be awarded as a part of your car crash lawsuit.

What is the Deadline for Filing a Greenville, South Carolina, Car Accident Lawsuit?

There is a deadline for filing a car accident lawsuit in Greenville, South Carolina. The statute of limitations requires all car accident lawsuits where injury has occurred are filed within three years from the date of the accident. A Greenville, South Carolina car accident attorney can help you file your lawsuit within the deadline. Be sure to discuss your car accident case with a lawyer immediately to ensure you adhere to the statute of limitations for your case. Failure to do so will result in the dismissal of your case with no settlement award to recover.

Reach Out to a Greenville Car Wreck Lawyer to Discuss Your Car Accident Settlement

Consult with a Greenville, car accident lawyer in South Carolina about your car crash to determine the settlement award that you may qualify for in your case. They can outline the damages you are entitled to and help you get the maximum settlement award for your car accident injuries.