What to Do If You Get into A Car Accident During the Holidays

If you are like most residents of South Carolina, you’ll be moving around quite a bit during the holidays. You may have to drive to a relative’s home, the mall or the airport or even all three on the same day. Along the way, you’re likely to encounter drivers who are tired, distracted, angry or simply careless. If you can’t avoid them, you could find yourself getting into a car accident during the holidays resulting in you nursing injuries when you should be having an enjoyable time.

Every holiday season, people get into accidents as they make their way around town. If you or a loved one gets injured, you may be too overwhelmed or scared to take the correct steps. You may not even remember what to do. However, if you want to pay your medical bills and get your car fixed, you need to act quickly. Our attorneys are committed to helping victims navigate the process but there are things you need to keep in mind.

Things Your Auto Accident Lawyer in Greenville, SC Will Advise You to Do

Go to the Doctor

If you get into an accident, you need to get medical attention even if you don’t seem seriously hurt. Injuries don’t always present symptoms immediately. Also, if you are in shock, you may not feel the pain until you settle down later. If you don’t get evaluated by a professional, you could jeopardize your ability to get compensation. The insurance adjuster may argue that your injuries weren’t serious, or you got them elsewhere.

Keep Records of Everything

You’ll need evidence to support your claim. You can’t just say you suffered losses and expect to get compensation. Retain any information you get that’s related to your accident. This includes pictures or videos of the accident scene, bills for car repairs and medical bills. Your South Carolina auto accident attorney will use all this evidence to prepare a strong case.

Talk to Your Lawyer Before You Sign Anything 

The other driver’s insurance company may contact you after the accident. You don’t have to talk to them, and we usually advise clients not to do so without talking to us. Insurance adjusters are trained to help the insurance company to save money. Even though they may tell you they’re acting in your best interests, they’re not. They want you to accept as little as possible. They may even ask you to sign a form and release them from liability.

Contact an Experienced Lawyer 

Car accident cases are often a lot more complex than they appear to be at first. You’ll need an attorney who has handled several similar cases before. Insurance companies are more likely to pay full and fair compensation if you have legal representation. Also, a lawyer can handle all the paperwork while you focus on recovering and salvaging what you can of the holidays.

Types of Accidents Which Occur Most Often

Holiday traffic is terrible. It’s no wonder drivers are angry and impatient. Some of the most common types of accidents include:

  • Drunk driving accidents. For many people, the holidays aren’t the holidays without alcohol. The parties are numerous, and the drinks are flowing. Unfortunately, many motorists fail to arrange for a designated driver, and they decide to get behind the wheel. This is never a good idea and it can lead to catastrophic accidents.
  • Rear-end accidents. There’s little room in which to maneuver on the roads during the holidays. In their haste, some drivers decide to tailgate, and this leads to rear-end collisions. These can cause serious injuries and even fatalities.
  • Drowsy driving accidents. Some drivers avoid traffic and drive late at night or very early in the morning. Unfortunately, this means they’re often driving while drowsy. This can be just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. Both the driver and other road users are at risk.

If you get hurt in any type of collision which was not your fault, you may be able to get compensation. This can help to cover property damage, medical bills, lost wages, and other losses.

Contact A Greenville Car Wreck Attorney for Help

We know you don’t want to deal with insurance companies and lawyers during the festive season. However, car accidents are more likely to occur at this time of year. Call us at Greenville Car Wreck Firm today if you or a loved one was injured. We’ll evaluate your case and do everything we can to help you. When you work with experienced auto accident attorneys in Greenville, you’re more likely to get the compensation you deserve. You shouldn’t have to suffer financially because of another driver’s negligence. Schedule a free consultation today!