Car Accidents in Greenville, South Carolina

Car Accidents in Greenville, South Carolina

You’ve seen the aftermath of car accidents in Greenville, South Carolina: You’re driving home from work when traffic begins to slow and then comes to a crawl.  After going along for 5 minutes at 10-15 miles per hour, you see flashing lights from ambulances and police. As you get closer, you get a clear view of the reason behind the slowing traffic.  Two cars have been involved in a collision. You pass by and continue your route towards home.

It’s one thing to see a car accident that you pass by, but quite another to be involved in a car accident.  Not only is it scary, but it’s stressful as well, especially if injuries are involved.  It can happen in a variety of ways.

Different Types of Car Accidents in Greenville, SC

Rear End Collision: This car accident occurs typically when one vehicle is following another too closely, and the driver in the rear hits the vehicle of the driver in the front.  The driver is in the rear is typically at fault in rear-end collisions, however, in some rare instances, the driver in the front is to blame. A common injury associated rear-end collisions is whiplash.  

Side Impact: Commonly referred to as “t-bone” or “broadside” collisions, side impact car accidents happen when one vehicle hits the side of another the car.  

Hit and Run:  This car accident occurs when a driver leaves the scene of an accident after hitting a vehicle.  When this happens, it is often because another crime is taking place, such as driving under the influence of drug or alcohol or driving without a driver’s license.

Head On: Perhaps the most dangerous, head-on collisions are most likely to have fatalities, even at low speeds.  This accident occurs when the front ends of two vehicles collide.

Single Car: This accident involves only one vehicle, and the driver typically crashes into another object.  Causes of this accident may or may not be the fault of the driver as weather, like icy roads, is often a factor.

Multiple Vehicle: When three or more vehicles are involved in a car accident, it is referred to as a multiple vehicle accident.   This can also be referred to as a “pile-up” and also involves one rear-end collision after another. It can be difficult to determine fault in multi-vehicle pile-ups, so many drivers often advised use their own auto insurance to pay for their car repairs.

Sideswipe: This type of accident occurs when two parallel vehicles collide. Depending on the speed the drivers are going at the time of the accident, and where the vehicles swiped each other, one driver can lose control of their vehicle.  Sideswipes can also occur when one vehicle is parallel to a parked car and hits it.

Rollover: This occurs when a vehicle rolls on it side or on the rooftop.  More severe accidents can involve the vehicle rolling over multiple times.

What if You Get in a Car Accident in Greenville, South Carolina

If you get in a car accident, the first thing you should do without hesitation is check for injuries.  If you bumped your head or have any scrapes, cuts or soreness, you need to go to the doctor. Car accident injuries, like whiplash, don’t always show symptoms immediately, so getting on record with official documentation is key to getting compensation for your case.

Next, write down the time the car accident happened.  Be sure to take pictures of the accident scene, including the placement of the cars, the damage to each vehicle, roads, weather conditions and street signs.  Also, talk to anyone who may have seen what happened. Witness accounts carry a lot of weight when it comes to determining fault, so getting names and contact information of anyone around the scene who saw what happened is very important.    

We are Here to Help

If you have been involved in a car accident in Greenville, South Carolina, make sure you call the experienced car accident attorneys at Hernandez & Cabra.  We encourage you to reach out to us immediately following your accident on the same day it occurred, as we pride ourselves on getting justice for our clients, by way of fair compensation for their injuries, property damage or both.

We’ll work relentlessly to get your case settled in your favor.  With hundreds of car accidents in Greenville, SC cases now closed with big wins, know that your case will be in good hands.  Call the lawyers at Hernandez & Cabra for a free consultation today. We are on your side.