Advice From A Greenville Car Accident Lawyer: How Dangerous Is Distracted Driving?

Even with laws in place that prohibit texting and driving, motorists continue to use their phone when on the road. The dangers that this type of distracted driving can cause are significant. When a driver has their eyes on their phone instead of the road, a number of hazardous events can occur. You need the help of a Greenville car accident lawyer when distracted driving is the cause of your car crash.

As a driver sends a text, they are traveling the length of a football field essentially with their eyes closed. This can easily cause an accident where someone is injured severely. Distracted driving is a serious issue that is continuing to grow with the dependence of digital devices.

Texting and driving is just one of the distracted driving behaviors that can cause a car accident. Distracted driving can also include daydreaming, eating, drinking, listening to music, talking to passengers, or even playing with a GPS. All of these actions take a driver’s eyes off the road, which can lead to a crash in an instant.

Distracted driving has many dangers. With a driver’s attention focused away from the road, they can swerve into oncoming traffic. This could cause a head-on collision, where injuries or even death occurs. Drivers may also not see an obstacle that is in the roadway if they are distracted. This can cause them to crash into the vehicle in front of them or be unable to stop to avoid an accident in time.

Distracted drivers pose a great hazard when on the road. They stall at stoplights and fail to drive the posted speed limit. Distracted drivers are negligent for their actions when on the road. In South Carolina, the law states that it is illegal to text and drive. The law was enacted in 2014 and continues to be enforced until this day.

While Greenville, South Carolina does not have any other restrictions on cell phone use while driving, it is a good idea to invest in a hands-free option. Not only will this allow a driver to keep their attention on the road at all times, but it can help prevent a car accident from happening because of distracted driving.

When a car accident injures you or causes your property damages because of a distracted driver, the law is on your side. You do have legal rights as a driver involved in a crash with a distracted driver that can help you collect compensation for your injuries and property damage. Let your auto accident attorney in Greenville, South Carolina, help you with your case. They will fight for your legal rights and get a settlement that covers your damages.

Can a Greenville Car Accident Lawyer Help Me After a Car Crash?

A Greenville, SC, car accident attorney can help you after a car crash. They will provide you with a consultation where you can discuss your case. They can help you determine if another driver was at fault for your car crash, and will advise you of your legal rights and provide with options in your case.

If you have injuries and vehicle damage, your auto accident lawyer in Greenville can negotiate a settlement with an insurance company on your behalf. They can get you a settlement to pay for your lost wages and medical bills. They will fight for fair compensation for your injuries and vehicle damages so that you can recover without financial worry or stress.

Let your South Carolina car accident attorneys take your case. They know the law for car crashes and can help guide you through the legal process of recovering a settlement. Your Greenville auto accident lawyer will win your case and get you the compensation you deserve after a car crash that was not your fault.

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