Tips for Gathering Evidence after a Greenville Car Crash

When a Greenville car crash attorney meets with a potential client for the first time, they need to have an idea of the merits of their case. To do that, the attorney needs various types of evidence. Unfortunately, many people come to the meeting with the lawyer empty-handed, because they did not know that they had to collect evidence at the accident scene.

This results in a weak case, which is often difficult to win or results in a significantly reduced settlement. To avoid this issue, follow these tips for getting the evidence you need to prove your car accident claim.

1. Report the Accident and Get a Copy of the Police Report

Reporting any traffic accident resulting in bodily injury and/or at least $1,000 in property damage is a legal obligation in South Carolina. Trained police officers will investigate the crash scene and interview you, the other driver, and any eyewitnesses.

They will include all their findings and observations in an official report, which will be ready in a few days. You must make sure that you request a copy of this report and show it to the lawyer.

2. Take Photos and Videos of the Accident Scene

Unless you suffered severe injuries, you should also document the crash scene as soon as possible. It is important to capture images of the position of both vehicles immediately after the collision before they are moved away to allow the flow of traffic.

Focus on:

  • The dents and other damages to your car
  • Your injuries
  • Skid marks
  • Any traffic signs or signals in the area
  • The license plate of the other car.

As far as possible, include a reliable landmark in each photo and video frame. This will help determine the scale and distance if accident reconstruction experts need to re-create the conditions of the crash.

3. Get Eyewitnesses’ Contact Details

Eyewitnesses are extremely valuable, especially if your mobile phone is damaged and you cannot use it to take photos and videos. Their testimonies can prove the other driver’s fault. Moreover, they may have taken photos or videos at the exact moment when the accident happened.

take photos and videos of the accident scene

Thus, your Greenville car wreck lawyer will still have solid evidence to use during negotiations with the insurance company.

The best approach is to ask the eyewitnesses for their names and phone numbers. If possible, ask them to give a statement describing what they saw. The statement can be in writing or recorded with a mobile phone.

4. Get Medical Attention and Keep All the Records

You must see a doctor as soon as possible after your accident. This is a crucial step in gathering evidence to support your car wreck claim and it is also for your own good. Many people suffer serious injuries in car accidents but do not experience symptoms for hours or even days.

After a complete set of diagnostic tests, you may be sent straight to surgery to save your life. Once you are out of the hospital, make sure that you get copies of all medical records, including the initial examination. It will contain the date and time, which your attorney will corroborate with the moment when the accident happened to prove your injuries.

5. Preserve All Evidence Carefully

Finally, remember that all physical and digital pieces of evidence must remain intact and unaltered until they are presented to the insurance adjuster or in court. Thus, do not attempt to repair any damaged item, such as washing clothes spattered with blood or sending your car to a repair shop.

Also, do not modify photos and videos in any way, such as by cropping them or changing contrast and brightness. These changes can be traced and the insurance adjuster will claim that since you tampered with evidence, it is now unacceptable.

Bring Your Evidence to an Experienced Greenville Car Crash Attorney!

Even the best Greenville car crash lawyer needs solid evidence to prove the other driver’s fault and your damages. Follow these steps to obtain as much evidence as you can after your accident and bring it to your initial appointment with an attorney.

The lawyer will give you an honest and reliable legal opinion. If you have a valid case, we will represent you on a contingency fee basis.

Also, we offer each new client a free case evaluation, so call us at 864-310-7897!