Reasons Why Greenville Auto Accident Claims Get Denied

Getting into a car accident in Greenville can be a mess. You may suffer from injuries and financial losses. The best and most common way for you to recoup the damages and losses is by filing a Greenville auto accident claim.

While being obliged to deal with the victims of accidents fairly and rightly and to recoup their claims justly, the insurance companies might as well reject and deny your Greenville auto accident claims when it’s not appropriately justified. Insurance denials done in bad faith are very usual and a common practice from insurance companies.

They do, however, refuse claims for genuine reasons as well. As someone who needs to recoup their losses, it’s vital to know what kinds of difficulties might lead to legal and justified auto insurance claim denials. So here are some of the main reasons that might get your auto accident claim denied:

  • Driving Without Glasses:

Driving without your glasses while having weak eyesight or any other eyesight issue that obliges you to wear glasses, may lead you into a Greenville auto accident and forms a strong base for the rejection of your Greenville auto accident claims. A lot of other factors will also be brought into consideration but this will still be a strong basis for denial.

  • Driving a Vehicle That Needed Maintenance or Repair:

Driving a vehicle that needs repairing and maintenance may also lead to a serious car accident and severe damage and may lead to the rejection of your car accident claim. This will be used against you by the insurance companies and they will argue that such a vehicle in need of maintenance shouldn’t have been brought on the road in the first place. Proving that the condition of the vehicle was not the reason for the accident in such a situation will be your responsibility.

  • Driving Under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol:

The influence of drugs and alcohol is a very common situation that you might also face that may lead you to a car accident and may lead to the rejection of your car accident claim. In such a scenario, this will be a strong justification and insurance companies will have good reason to refuse coverage for your car accident injuries. This is only true if the influence of drugs and alcohol ‘was’ a contributing cause in your crash. For example, in a situation where you were hit while standing when the signal was red, the influence of drugs will be unrelated to your car accident claim.

  • Driving Even When Your Doctor Told You Not To:

People with specific problems and health issues are usually told and ordered by their doctors not to drive with those conditions. They are ordered to do so to protect themselves and protect others around them as well. Running into an accident while being ordered by the doctor not to drive will lead to denial of your claim by insurance companies as they will have proof to prove your fault.

  • Not Filing Your Greenville Auto Accident Claim on Time:

An error that might result in coverage denial is waiting too long to make a car accident claim. In such a case the insurance companies will not be bound to recoup your claim. In Greenville, the period for filing a claim is three years. Filing a claim after that will lead to greater chances of denial of your claim. But in a situation where more than a specified time is required to file a claim, there are good chances of acceptance.

  • Not Having Sufficient Proof Regarding the Cause:

Proof of the cause of the accident and the fault of the party at fault is key to getting your car accident claim accepted in Greenville. In a situation where you do not have proof of fault or cause of the accident, the chances of your claim getting denied will be very high and the insurance companies will be justified to do so. So before filing a claim make sure you have strong evidence and proof.

When Do You Need a Greenville Car Accident Lawyer?

Most insurance companies are always looking for reasons to deny the claims of victims and avoid the coverage of their damages. They will do so in ways that will be impossible for you to comprehend and you will get to know what happened when your claim will be denied. You should never accept a car insurance claim denial, no matter what the circumstances are. With the guidance of an expert attorney, you may still be able to get coverage for your damages and injuries.

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