Why Would a Greenville Auto Accident Lawyer Reject My Case?

Did you consult a Greenville auto accident lawyer only to hear them say that they cannot accept your case? Maybe they did not even justify their decision, which probably left you confused and worried. There are many reasons why a lawyer may reject a case, so you should not give up hope without consulting another one.

Sometimes, lawyers’ decisions have to do with case specifics and recovery chances. Other times, they are influenced by workload, priorities, and other interests. No matter the reasons, you deserve to know the truth. Until you get the answers you need, reviewing the most common reasons why Greenville car accident attorneys reject cases may help.

7 Common Reasons Why a Greenville Auto Accident Lawyer Would Reject a Case

1. Late Contact

Some car accident victims wait too long before contacting a lawyer. Sometimes, it is already too late to take action. Other times, it is too late to find the necessary evidence and get everything ready on time. To avoid such situations, all accident victims should get in touch with a car accident lawyer as soon as possible after their car accident.

2. Low Claim Value

Before accepting a case, most car accident lawyers assess its value. If the amount that can be recovered is too low, it does not justify the effort of claiming it. Some lawyers only accept cases that can bring them a lot of money. Others realize that, after paying their fees, their client would be left with almost nothing and they prefer to step aside. Either way, you deserve to know how much your case is worth.

3.  Low Recovery Chances

The fact that the law gives you the right to recover your losses is no guarantee that you will actually recover. For example, if the party at fault is uninsured and bankrupted or broke and you do not carry uninsured/underinsured coverage, recovery can be very difficult or impossible. It is the same when you contributed to the accident to the point when, even if you can recover, the amount would be close to zero.

4. Lack of Evidence 

Your ability to recover depends not on how your accident occurred but on what you can prove. South Carolina law places the burden of proof on the claimant. If you failed to gather information and evidence from the accident scene, obtaining it later on could be difficult, even impossible. Some lawyers prefer not to bother with in-depth investigations. Others lack knowledge and skills. There are also situations when the necessary evidence is impossible to obtain.

5. Too Many Variables 

Many car accident attorneys in Greenville, SC, only have experience with standard insurance claims. If a case requires going to court or taking action against several parties, they will reject it because they are not familiar with the procedures and rules they would have to follow. Their rejection can be a good thing, as it lets you find a more experienced lawyer and, thus, increase your chances of winning.

6. Conflict of Interests

If the auto accident lawyer you consulted previously worked with the party at fault or their insurance company, they cannot represent you. However, nothing prevents them from recommending that you seek legal help elsewhere.

7. Other Subjective Reasons

Sometimes attorneys reject cases although none of the above scenarios applies. They may already have more cases than they can handle or simply feel that they cannot establish a good relationship with you. Do not despair!

There are many car accident lawyers out there, and one will surely be willing to take your case or at least explain their reasons for rejecting it. All you have to do is do your homework, identify the best ones in town, and schedule reviews of your case.

If you find one that will take your case and inspire confidence, then your problems are solved. If you do not, then maybe you should consider giving up and moving on with your life. It is better to have a lawyer reject your case and explain why they do it, then to have them take your money and not get you the compensation you deserve.

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