Greenville Car Accident Caused by a Sudden Medical Emergency

Most of the time, accidents happen due to an individual’s negligence. They might have been overspeeding or talking on the phone, which resulted in the incident. However, every Greenville car accident isn’t the result of negligence. At times, there could be a serious reason behind a crash, such as a medical emergency. A driver might have had a heart attack or experienced other health issues. If someone suffers from a medical problem, they are not held liable for the Greenville car accident. Moreover, they will not need to pay compensation. The emergency was not in their control, so the driver will not be labeled as negligent.

Every year, car crashes take dozens of lives. According to statistics, in 2019, more than 600 people died in car crashes due to drowsy drivers. In such scenarios, drivers are responsible because they could have prevented the incident by acting responsibly. However, people suffering from medical issues will have an entirely different case. Drivers must present proof that a sudden medical emergency caused the accident.

What Points to Consider in a Greenville Car Accident Caused by a Medical Emergency?

If a Greenville car accident is due to an unpredictable medical condition, the driver responsible needs to provide proof. Some factors need to be shown in court for the sudden emergency defense. These include:

The Suddenness of the Incident:

Drivers need to establish the suddenness of the emergency to show that nothing was in their control. When the court sees that the driver had no way to predict or overcome the issue, they decide in the driver’s favor. However, if the court sees that the driver ignored their symptoms and put others at risk, they might get penalized.

Foreseeability of the Crash:

Some problems are foreseeable. For example, a person having a heart problem can suffer an attack at any instance. Therefore, the person should avoid driving. If they continue to drive and crash into another vehicle, they will be responsible for the outcome.

On the other hand, a completely healthy driver with no history of medical illnesses will not share any blame. Their involvement in a crash is not seen as negligence. Several people blackout or experience other problems while driving. These are not always foreseeable, so the driver cannot be held liable.

Driving on the road is a responsibility. When someone handles a vehicle, they are responsible for their own life and other people’s lives. So, drive with care at all hours. If someone feels sick or isn’t fully conscious, they should avoid driving.

What is Considered a Medical Emergency?

Medical emergencies can be of different categories. Usually, heart attacks, strokes, seizures, choking, and brain aneurysms are considered sudden medical emergencies. A person can’t predict such issues. These problems can cause the driver to lose their senses or fall unconscious. People who suffer from these problems can easily get medical proof from their doctor and submit it in court to prove their innocence.

How Can South Carolina Auto Accident Attorneys Help Your Claim?

A car crash resulting from a medical emergency often comes with no compensation. Holding the sick driver responsible is not lawful as the situation was not in anyone’s control.

If you are involved in a car accident and the other driver claims they suffered a sudden medical emergency, hiring a skilled lawyer is critical. The other driver’s insurance company will attempt to deny your claim.

With the help of your lawyer, you can successfully present your side of the story. Remember that the other driver needs to show evidence of a sudden medical emergency. A good attorney can evaluate whether facts of the case support the sudden medical emergency defense, and help you win compensation if the defense doesn’t hold up.

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