Greenville Car Accident Attorney: Winter Crash Frequency

For any Greenville car accident attorney, the beginning of the winter means more than just the approaching holiday season. Unfortunately, this is also the period when we see more car accidents in Greenville and nationwide, as well. For many people, the rush to find the perfect gift turns into an ambulance ride to the hospital and weeks or months of expensive treatments, pain, and suffering.

As Greenville car accident lawyers, our first mission is to help every injured person obtain the fair compensation they deserve after a car crash. However, we are also aware that we can effect change by talking openly about why car accidents in Greenville happen and how to prevent them. Our most sincere wish is to see a steady drop in such accidents during winter and all year round.

Winter Driving and Car Accidents: Statistical Data

In winter, roads change. They become covered in ice, snow, or slush. Suddenly, cars are no longer steady on the road and many drivers lose control of them. As a result, there are more car accidents in Greenville and in the rest of the country than during the seasons with dry roads.

This is not just a general truth but is also supported by statistical data.

  • 55,000 people are injured in traffic accidents caused by snow each year across the US
  • 668 people are killed each year in accidents involving snow or sleet in the US
  • Only 5 US states report zero fatal car accidents caused by snow or sleet – South Carolina is not one of them
  • Icy roads represent the 4th most likely cause of a fatal car crash out of all poor weather conditions.

Also, the National Safety Council includes Christmas and New Year’s Eve on the list of the most dangerous holidays to be on the road.

Examining the Top Causes of Car Accidents in Greenville During Winter

Looking at the statistical data and using their own experience, Greenville car accident lawyers identified the most common causes of car crashes during the cold season. These are:

1. Failing to Reduce Speed

Snow and slush can reduce traffic speed by up to 40%. This is why many drivers tend to increase their speed in order to reach their destination on time. Unfortunately, high speed plus winter conditions on the road can lead to catastrophic accidents.

You can lose control of a speeding vehicle more easily on icy or snowy roads. Also, exceeding the maximum speed is a traffic violation. Yet, many car accidents in Greenville during winter happen because a driver was speeding in unsafe weather conditions.

2. Failure to Maintain a Safe Distance

Rear-end collisions are very frequent on icy roads. In fact, winter is the season when most chain collisions happen, involving four or more vehicles. If you were involved in such a crash, a Greenville car accident attorney will help you determine who is at fault and who should pay your damages.

A car driving in snow, winter accident concept image

3. The Rush for Holiday Gifts

When a major holiday like Christmas or New Year’s Eve approaches, almost everyone gets in their cars to look for the perfect gift. And this leads to two key conditions for car accidents in Greenville to happen: distracted driving and heavy traffic.

You can avoid such unfortunate accidents and enjoy your holidays with your family by:

  • Buying gifts ahead of time
  • Ordering online
  • Avoiding the rush hours between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

4. Drunk Driving

Many people celebrate the winter holidays with a glass of wine or spirits. Unfortunately, most of them also go behind the wheel to drive back home after visiting friends and family members.

Drunk driving remains one of the leading causes of fatal car accidents in Greenville, not only during winter but all year round.

5. Poor Visibility

One of the must-have tools during the winter as a driver is an ice scraper. Ice forming on the windshield can distort your vision if you do not clear it away properly. You should always remove ice from the entire surfaces of the front and back windshields, not only the areas directly in the front and back of the driver’s seat.

Tips to Reduce the Risk of Winter Car Accidents in Greenville

Any Greenville car accident attorney knows that you are never 100% safe from a crash. Someone else’s negligence will annihilate all your precautions and cause you a severe accident.

However, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you did your best to reduce the risk of being involved in an accident on the road. These are:

  • Make sure that your car has winter tires or all-season tires
  • Check your car before leaving, especially the windshield wipers, the lights, and the brakes
  • Make sure that the tires are properly inflated
  • Remove snow and ice from windshields, rearview mirrors, the hood, and the roof of your car
  • Check your spare tire
  • Check the weather forecast and avoid driving in bad weather – fog, heavy snow, freezing rain.

Injured in a Crash? A Greenville Car Accident Attorney Will Help You!

The winter season means many things for each of us: Christmas and New Year’s Eve, skiing holidays, and time off work to spend quality time with family. Sadly, for many people, it means spending time in the hospital and struggling to recover from car accident injuries.

At the same time, they are faced with hospital bills, prescriptions to refill, and the inability to work and receive wages. These are the most common consequences of all car accidents in Greenville. And this is why Hernandez & Cabra law firm exists – to help injured people win the financial compensation they deserve from the negligent driver.

We will evaluate your case diligently during a free initial appointment and explain to you what we can do for you. If you are happy with the legal options we offer, we will represent you on a contingency fee basis. Let an experienced Greenville car accident lawyer help you. Call 864-310-7897 today!