Why Did My Greenville Car Accident Attorney Ask Me To Stop Posting on Social Media?

Many people these days have become addicted to social media. They share all their thoughts and experiences with their contacts. Generally, everyone is free to do as they please. However, accident victims would do better following the advice of their Greenville car crash lawyer.

In their case, posting on social media is not a good idea. Anything that they post is subject to interpretation and may be used against them. Even those who conceive their posts carefully, so as to avoid hurting their case could obtain opposite results. There is no telling how one of their contacts could comment and turn things against them, even without realizing it.

Here are just a few examples of how some seemingly insignificant Facebook posts can end up hurting a car accident case.


3 Reasons Why Your Greenville Car Crash Lawyer Does Not Want You to Post on Social Media


1. Your Posts Could Make Your Injuries Seem Less Serious Than They Actually Are

Pain does not show on social media. Perhaps you go online to take your mind off your injuries and find comfort. You come across some jokes or funny pictures that helped and you share them. To your insurer and your jury, it may seem that you are neglecting your recovery, you exaggerated your injuries, or you chose to take time off work but did not really need it.

The same thing could happen if you post photos from a party that you attended or well wishes to a friend whose birthday party or wedding you will attend. They may thank you for attending or say they can’t wait to see you there. Partying when you are supposedly injured and recovering does not look good to insurance adjusters or jury members.

2. Your Contacts May Unknowingly Contradict the Message You Are Trying to Send

Sure, you can try and use your social media posts to support your case. In theory, posting a photo with you in crutches or undergoing treatment could be a good idea. However, one of your contacts could comment and say they saw you without the crutches or dancing at a party. With the intention of encouraging you, they may say that your recovery is impressive or you look much better than your social media photos suggest.

A versed Greenville car crash lawyer may interpret your posts as posing into a victim when you are not. They may use them as leverage in claim negotiations or against you in court. They may even get in touch with your social media contact and cite them as a witness that your injuries are not as serious as you claim.

3. You Could Be Disclosing Important Case Details

Let’s say you or your Greenville car crash lawyer has obtained a video recording of the accident. It clearly shows that the other party acted negligently. You think it will show everyone that you are in fact a good and responsible driver and post it online.

In reality, it will warn the party at fault that you have new evidence against them and allow them to build their defense. Upon closer analyzing the recording, they may find details of your own negligence and use it against you. Every fault percentage they attribute to you will diminish your compensation, so your social media post could end up costing you.

The list could easily continue. The bottom line is that, on social media, messages get distorted. There is often a huge gap between what you want your posts to mean and what others take from them. Also, there is no telling who follows your posts and how they may use them.

Even if you pay great care when conceiving your posts, you could end up hurting your case. You would be undermining your Greenville car accident attorney’s work and your own interests. Therefore, why take chances when you can simply take a break from posting on social media. You can keep getting online and follow your contacts’ posts, and you will have plenty of time to catch up once your case is settled.

Are You Worried That Your Social Media Posts Could Hurt Your Case? Consult a Greenville Car Crash Lawyer Now!

Have you been active on social media after your accident without benefiting from a car accident lawyer’s advice? You may still have time to undo the harm and protect your rights to fair compensation. Schedule a free consultation with an experienced Greenville car crash lawyer! They will review your case and your social media activity and advise you accordingly.