Parents of Young Children Killed by Drunk Driver in Midlands Area

When someone decides to drink and then get behind the wheel, they put more than their own lives at risk. They put the lives of every other person on the road at risk. When this happens, people get seriously injured and can even die. This is exactly what happened in the Midlands area of South Carolina this past weekend.

A couple was driving down Interstate-78, known as Charleston Highway, with their children in the backseat. All of a sudden, a woman driving a 2007 Chrysler 300 drove into oncoming traffic and crashed into the family. They were driving a 2015 Nissan car.

The driver of the Chrysler was later identified as Paris Jones, a 25-year old woman from Denmark, South Carolina. She was drunk at the time of the crash and didn’t even stick around to see if the passengers in the Nissan were okay. Instead, Jones and her passenger, who has not been identified, took off.

The police did catch them shortly thereafter. Jones was arrested at the scene and charged with a multitude of crimes, including DUI, open container and hit and run. We imagine that further charges will be pending.

The people in the front seat of the Nissan were killed instantly and were pronounced dead at the scene. They were 41-year old Delanie Murphy and 29-year old Dave Chavis, Jr. They had their two minor children in the back seat at the time of the accident. Their kids were taken to Augusta University Medical Center and were listed in serious condition.

No comment has been made by the families of the victims as of yet. However, we imagine they’ll be filing their own claim against the driver of the Chrysler. 

If your loved ones are hurt or killed by a drunk driver, call and speak with our Greenville car accident attorneys immediately.