Trust No One but Your Car Accident Lawyer! Police Officer Lied about Deadly Crash

A police officer lied about a deadly crash. Many car accident victims still believe that they can solve their cases and get compensation for their losses by themselves. They rely on police officers to provide them with the evidence they need through the accident reports.

However, police officers make mistakes too, and some of them even lie. It was the case of Austyn Vaughn, aged 23, from the South Carolina Highway Patrol. According to the news, he was fired after lying about a car accident he had been involved in.

The crash occurred on July 8. A car went off the road at the I-85 exit to Augusta Road. Apparently, the vehicle driven by Kent Washington and having Michael Mansell as a passenger was being chased by the trooper. However, the details of the chase surfaced only later.

Vaughn only admitted that he was pursuing the car the two were in after his dashcam video recording gave him off. Michael Mansell died in the accident. Kent Washington faces charges of felony (DUI result in death) and failure to stop at the blue lights.

It is indeed admirable that the Highway Patrol decided to take action against a member rather than cover up his lies. However, as the deceased’s family emphasized, this does not wipe away what happened. A life was lost, and no confessions, termination letters, or other penalties can undo that.

When car accidents occur, those involved, and even the police officers investigating them, will see their own interest. The victims should not trust anyone but their car accident lawyers. Those who do not have one representing them should consider hiring.

Working on a contingency fee, these share their clients’ interests: proving accident liability and obtaining the highest compensation possible. They only get paid if they win, so they will work hard to ensure that they do. At least that is what our firm does.