Prevent Car Accidents on South Carolina’s Roads this Summer

Summer as compared to other seasons is known to be high time for motor accidents. Especially now that after a long time, people are free to go to places and hang out with the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions. More people out means more traffic, leading to more car accidents on South Carolina’s roads. Not just this, but summer also brings a lot of parties, bringing out more drunk, careless, and reckless drivers. All of which add up to life-changing consequences.

Considering the high risk of car collisions on South Carolina’s roads there is an increasing need to be careful while driving. Otherwise, you could end up sustaining a severe injury or even a fatal one.

Tips to Minimize the Risk of Getting in Car Accidents on South Carolina’s Roads:

Eliminating the risk of a crash on South Carolina’s roads might not be a possibility but reducing the risk is. Here are a few tips that may help you avoid car accidents on South Carolina’s roads.

1. Drive Consciously:

When you’re stepping out of your house, make sure to make up your mind to drive safely. Never risk your safety just to get somewhere sooner. Leave early so you’ll have time to drive slow and safe. Reckless and careless driving will not only be a threat to your safety but also another driver, too. You can take your safe driving pledge from organizations like Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT). If you don’t want to do that, you can personally commit to never engage in reckless driving.

2. Maintain Space:

Many car accidents on South Carolina’s roads happen because of tailgating. People don’t drive far enough to be able to avoid collisions. When the front driver hits the brake abruptly, the car at the back doesn’t have the space to pull the brake in time – ending up in a collision.

The right way to drive is to stay 3 seconds behind the front car. You must also consider and extend the time accordingly if there is a need. Moreover, if someone else is tailgating you, change the lane and let them pass. Do what you can to avoid tailgaters because you might end up in a compromising position because of another driver.

3. Drive During Off-Peak Hours:

There are more chances of getting into an accident in the morning and evening hours. That is because people are rushing either to their offices or homes and tend to drive more recklessly. It has been confirmed through studies that the most dangerous time to drive on South Carolina’s roads is in peak hours. If you do not need to reach someone at a certain time, you should avoid hitting the road during peak hours. This will allow you to steer clear from congestion, road rage, and the risk of car crashes.

4. Check the Weather:

The weather has a great impact on driving. One of the reasons why accidents are more likely to happen in summers is because it rains a lot. Thunderstorms affect the visibility and sometimes drivers can’t even see beyond a few yards. It also causes the cars to lose the grip of the road as the roads become slippery. So, checking the forecast before leaving the house is never a bad idea, it can help you avoid getting into a fatal accident. Besides, driving in pleasant weather can keep you away from facing road rage.

5. Avoid Using Your Phone:

There’s no harm in using the phone; however, using it while driving could be one of the worst decisions of your life. Phones take your attention off the road which can put you and any other driver on the road at a major risk. Especially, if you start reading a text or a social media post, use the map, pick up a call, and you become prone to a car crash. You can eliminate the risk of an accident by simply pulling over to use your phone.

6. Follow Traffic Rules:

Traffic rules are made for a reason – they are meant to keep you safe. If you act careless and violate any traffic rules, all you’re doing is being a threat to yourself and to others. Following traffic rules will drastically reduce the chances of getting into a car collision.

When to Hire a South Carolina Auto Accident Attorney:

Despite consciously following these tips, you might still be at risk of getting into an accident. So, if you do end up in an accident, do not shy away from taking legal advice from a South Carolina auto accident attorney. There are a lot of legal matters that you cannot deal with alone and the attorney will get you through smoothly.

Reach Out to Our Car Accident Lawyer in South Carolina:

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