Accident in South Carolina: Returning a Leased Car

At the point when you rent a vehicle, you are expected to return it in a similar condition as when you got it. This means that you may be liable for compensating the damages in the case where you are involved in an accident in South Carolina.

Some people think that if they fix the damage to a vehicle after an accident in South Carolina and say nothing to the leasing company, they will not suffer any consequences. That is not the case always and you must always report a mishap to the renting company in any case.

In the States, an increase of 18.4 percent has been witnessed in comparison with the same six-month period in 2020, as reported by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Some Important Measures after an Accident in South Carolina in a Leased Car:

As with any car accident in South Carolina, after an accident involving a leased vehicle, let the first responder know about it. Identify other people involved if you are in a condition to do so, report the police regarding what happened during the accident. You can also talk to an eyewitness and get their contact information or get insurance and contact information from others who were directly involved in the accident.

When you come across an accident in South Carolina within a leased vehicle, you should contact the leasing company and let them know about it. Always carefully read the clauses of your leasing agreement for a better understanding. It will help you plan a better recourse after the accident. If you have already hired a lawyer before contacting the leasing company, then he or she will review the leasing contract and then contact the leasing company on your behalf.

Repairable Damages:

In the event of a proceeding, the victim of an accident in South Carolina involving a leased vehicle may claim compensatory damages and in some cases, punitive damages. Compensatory damages include financial and non-significant damages. The court orders compensatory damages to regain the health of the victims of the accident. The court will order punitive damages if the defendant’s actions are grossly negligent, reckless, or intentional to such an extent that the defendant should be punished.

Economic damages from accidents involving leased vehicles may include:

  • Past and future clinical expenses such as physical, cognitive, and psychological therapy
  • Loss of past and future wages if you cannot do the same job as before the accident or earn the same amount
  • Substitution or repair of damaged individual property, including the leased vehicle

You should immediately consult a qualified car accident lawyer if you think you have been wronged by someone else. A road accident lawyer can not only assess the overall strength of your case but also determine your recovery potential and your repayment amount.

Greenville Car Accident Lawyers Share Common Questions Regarding Accidents involving a Leased Car:

If you suffered an injury in a twist of fate whilst using a leased car, we can help. We realize that you have many questions, and we are right here to offer you the solutions you need. For inquiries concerning your case, get in touch with us for a free case assessment.

How Would I Demonstrate that Another Person was at Fault for my Leased Car Accident?

To prove liability for a traffic accident, you need to prove that:

  • A duty of care should have been exhibited by the driver. This incorporates taking reasonable steps to avoid accidents that could lead to injury or vehicle damage
  • There is a breach of duty by a guilty person. This breach occurs when an accident is unavoidable; Behaviors that do not protect others include inattentive driving, driving disabilities, speeding, or absence
  • This breach resulted in an accident in which you were injured and the leased vehicle was damaged

If I Receive Compensation for Vehicle Damage, do I have to pay the Compensation to the Entity that leased the Vehicle?

Companies leasing vehicles often require you to compensate for damage to those vehicles. If you pay for car repairs from your pocket, compensation goes to you to cover those costs. If your insurance company pays for repairs, they probably want that portion of your severance pay or premium to be refunded. The company that claims the vehicle might have to make up for any neglected expenses.

My significant other passed away in an accident while we were in a leased vehicle. Is there compensation available?

Yes. Under the widespread personal injury law, there is a billing process for the family of a person who has died as a result of the negligence or recklessness of another person.

Through a wrongful death claim, the family can receive:

Costs paid by family or real estate. This includes medical costs for the last injury to the deceased and funeral or burial costs.

  • Loss of support and service from the deceased
  • Psychological effects such as loss of affection, guidance, moral help, or friendship that the perished gave to their friends and family

Do I need to hire a South Carolina Auto Accident Attorney to obtain compensation for the injuries I suffered in a leased-car accident?

Yes. To obtain the best results, you actually need a Greenville car accident lawyer to assist you with exploring the cases interaction. To accomplish the best result, you in all actuality do require an auto collision lawyer to assist you with exploring the cases interaction.