Car Accident Lawyer: How Much Do They Cost?

A Greenville car accident lawyer can help you recover the compensation you truly deserve for your losses. An experienced attorney will remain by your side to protect your legal rights and fight with insurance companies that try to undermine your claim. Dealing with car accidents becomes traumatic because accidents not only bring physical injuries. They also leave a lasting impact on your mental health.

Medical and other financial expenses increase your burden even further. In 2020, around 38,680 people lost their lives due to motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. If you have been hurt in a car accident and you are worried about the cost of a car accident lawyer, we are here to provide you with all the necessary information.

Reaching Out to a Greenville Auto Accident Lawyer:

A Greenville auto accident lawyer will help you strengthen your case. They represent the victims of car accidents and obtain maximum compensation for their injuries. A personal injury lawyer can also take up your case when another driver’s negligence causes your accident and injuries.

You can recover all damages that occurred due to the negligence of another person including lost wages, emotional distress, property damages, medical and treatment expenses, pain and suffering, and more. Our experienced attorneys help you in getting fair compensation from the liable driver and their insurance provider.

In the personal injury category, car accidents are the most common type of case. Each year millions of people are injured during car crashes. The main objective of insurance companies is to pay less than what the victims deserve. You should never accept such offers. Instead, consulting with an expert attorney will set your case in the right direction.

We will protect you from insurance providers in this difficult time because our attorneys help in negotiating with the insurance providers to ensure that you receive the right compensation for your damages. If the insurance providers fail to offer a suitable compensation, your attorney will proceed with the case for a trial. This way you can effectively recover compensation.

The Average Cost of a Greenville Auto Accident Lawyer:

Instead of charging the hourly rate, a majority of Greenville auto accident lawyers take the case on a contingency basis. This means you don’t have to pay any upfront cost. Unless the attorney obtains the compensation for you, they don’t get paid.

The attorney takes the fee once the compensation is received. The contract for contingency fee includes the scope of work and case expenses to be incurred by the law firm. Your experienced attorney will explain the entire award you will receive at the end after deducting the attorney fee, medical bills, and other expenses.

Greenville car accident lawyer

In the majority of the cases, the fee arrangements are based on contingency practice. However, some cases require you to pay an upfront initial retainer. Your attorney can also ask for a retainer upfront along with a contingency fee at the end of your case. Once you receive compensation, the retainer you already paid to the lawyer will also be deducted from the contingency fee.

Common Case Expenses

Case expenses are in addition to the fee given to your attorney. The case expenses are usually the expenses incurred by your attorney while pursuing your case. These may typically include administrative costs.

The case expenses include the following:

  • Filing fees for court
  • Postage
  • Court reporter fees
  • Medical records cost
  • Expert witness fees

These expenses are additional to the attorney fees. For this reason, you cannot deduct case expenses from contingency fees.

Sliding Scale Contingency Fee:

The sliding scale method focuses on paying different percentages depending on the case circumstances. If the case goes to court the percentage will be different than the percentage for a case settled outside court. A contingency fee is also charged based on the sliding scale method.

If the case is settled before filing a lawsuit you will be paying 33%. If a lawsuit is filed but the case is settled before trial then you will be paying 40% and if the case proceeds to the trial you will pay 45%.

When Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

If you have been involved in a car accident, you should immediately seek medical care. Then you should get in touch with a skilled car accident attorney.

All the insurance providers are keen to undermine your claim. They tend to offer low settlement offers right after the accident. Usually, victims are in a state of shock right after the accident and they settle for low offers even before realizing the extent of their injuries and expenses.

To get fair compensation, you should always consult with an attorney before accepting settlement offers. Attorneys have the expertise to deal with insurance companies. They are aware of the insurance adjusters’ tricks and they will effectively evaluate the actual worth of your claim. Having an expert attorney by your side will ensure the full recovery of compensation that you truly deserve.

Hire a Professional Car Accident Attorney:

If you or your loved ones suffered injuries due to a car accident, speak to an experienced Greenville personal injury lawyer. Our attorneys have years of experience in dealing with car accident cases.

We will fast-track the process of gathering evidence, documentation, negotiations, and filing the case for a trial. We will protect your legal rights while you focus on a healthy recovery and our attorneys will remain with you in this stressful time.

We are here to offer the best legal advice according to your case. Get in touch with us today.