Do Drunk Driving Risks in South Carolina Increase During the Summer?

Driving is known to be one of the activities people love to do when they hang out with their friends. In summers, however, this activity takes a hike as the weather is more suitable to go on road trips. Naturally, when people are on trips, they tend to drink more than usual which gives rise to drunk driving risks in South Carolina. South Carolina is said to have the second-highest rate of drunk driving, and if the state doesn’t become more vigilant about it, the rate might keep rising.

Signs of Drunk Driving; An Overview by Greenville Auto Accident Lawyers:

About one in three car crashes in the United States are caused by drunk driving. If you want to be sure whether you or someone around you is under the influence of alcohol, the South Carolina Department of Public Safety (SCDPS) has traced out some signs that can keep you aware:

  • Unstable driving or swerving
  • Crossing the speed limit
  • Taking unusual wide turns
  • Tailgating
  • Inconsistent speed changing drastically
  • Drifting off-road
  • Abrupt or erratic breaks
  • Making close passes from other vehicles or objects
  • Switching lanes or driving on lane lines
  • Drifting into traffic coming from the other direction

How to Avoid Drunk Driving Risks in South Carolina:

Once you’re on the road, you have to be conscious of not just your driving but also be aware of any reckless driver around you. No matter how careful you are, there are chances some other drunk driver might crash into you. Here are a few ways recommended by the South Carolina Department of Public Safety (SCDPS) to avoid getting in an accident with a drunk driver.

1. Maintain Distance:

If you spot a driver showing any signs of drunk driving mentioned above, the first thing to do is follow the car at a greater distance. As drunk drivers tend to make unpredictable turns or swerve between lanes, so never try to pass a drunk driver as they might crash their vehicle into yours.

2. Let Them Pass:

If you notice someone showing any above-mentioned signs of drunk driving, halt your vehicle on the rightmost corner of the road and let them pass. In another case, if the car is driving right at you, slow down and instantly shift to the rightmost side of the road.

3. Dial 911:

Drunk drivers are a threat to every driver’s safety. If you spot one and you are able to avoid him/her successfully, you must now take measures to save others. Dial 911 on your phone as soon as possible and report the driver to any close by law enforcement agency. You also have the option to contact the Highway Patrol from your cell phone.

4. Reducing Drunk Driving:

Drunk driving has been accepted as a major threat to the well-being of the citizens by all states, and laws have been implemented with zero tolerance towards it. In South Carolina, the government has allowed the police to set up sobriety checkpoints as per their need. What citizens can do is run drunk driving awareness campaigns in their circles. This might be a slow process, but it could turn out as a great source to reduce drunk driving nationwide.

5. Consulting South Carolina Auto Accident Attorney:

Despite avoiding a drunk driver, sometimes you might still end up in a crash because of the recklessness of his/her driving. Then you might need the guidance of a South Carolina auto accident lawyer. He will walk you through the necessary steps that you need to take in order to get compensation for the accident.

Finding the Best Greenville Auto Accident Attorney:

Getting injured or losing a loved one in a car accident is the most dreadful thing to happen to anyone. If you have experienced a loss like that there is no option but to contact an experienced Greenville auto accident lawyer. However, you should know the criteria for choosing the best lawyer for the legal representation of your case.

Firstly, a lawyer with good skills will listen to you intently. They would then trace back every piece of evidence and thoroughly go through any clue they find there to make your case stronger. Moreover, they would talk to every witness personally so that they don’t miss anything. Thirdly, they would do all the talking, whether with the jury or the insurance company. Last and the most important one, they will calculate and make sure they recover the compensation for all your loss.

You can find all the above-mentioned qualities of competent Greenville auto accident attorneys at the offices of Hernandez & Cabra. Contact our firm and we will get you in touch with the best attorney to represent your case.