How Much Can You Recover from Car Accidents in Greenville, SC?

Car accidents in Greenville are an unfortunate reality that everyone needs to accept. But along with acceptance, people need to understand ways through which they can recover from the traumatic experience smoothly. The impact of a car accident could be a long-lasting one. Therefore, it is essential for drivers to know about their legal rights. The most crucial aspect is to have a good legal representative who can help individuals to receive due compensation. If someone has witnessed car accidents in Greenville, SC, they should contact an experienced lawyer for assistance immediately.

Engaging a lawyer will not only enable people to recover damages but would also liberate them from a lot of other hassles. Greenville, SC, faces a high number of accidents each year. In 2018, Greenville authorities registered 87 deaths due to car accidents. Besides this, hundreds of individuals face minor and major injuries due to these crashes. These horrific incidents do not only affect a person physically but mentally as well.

For this reason, people need years of therapy and treatment to get back to their normal state. Along with medical bills and repair costs, these additional therapy sessions put a financial burden on the victim. Thus, any sort of financial assistance provided in the form of compensation can help in reducing the financial burden of the affected party. Hence the need for good attorneys is much more.

Calculating Financial Losses After Car Accidents in Greenville, SC:

Financial losses are the first thing that come to mind after car accidents in Greenville, SC. The damage to a car and a person’s health directly impacts their bank account. These days the cost of getting a vehicle repaired is very high.

Along with that, medical bills start to pile up. Under such a situation, people need to calculate their financial losses wisely. When asking for compensation, people need to keep in mind the present and future costs because some treatments can last months.

People must keep the following factors in mind before demanding compensation.

  1. What is the total cost of the treatment, including hospital charges, medicine cost, therapy cost, and transportation charges, if any?
  2. How long will the treatment go on?
  3. How much daily wage is lost?
  4. What are the side expenses?
  5. Damages to the property of a victim


Only by figuring out these expenses can a person calculate the original amount they require. If possible, hire a financial analyst or ask a lawyer to carry out these calculations. It’s not easy for an amateur to manage the entire calculation independently.

Greenville Car Accident Attorneys to Get Back Non-Financial Losses:

In SC, people get compensation for financial losses and non-financial ones. These are the losses that do not directly impact the financial state of the victim but affect their lives.

Everything, including chronic pain, PTSD, and emotional trauma, is termed as non-economic or non-financial losses. Even though these cannot be physically measured, one cannot make a final decision without considering them. Even loss of consortium and loss of services are part of this category. Victims have complete authority to pursue matters in the court if they feel that they have suffered non-financial damages due to the other party’s negligence.

The state laws do not have specific laws that put a price tag on these losses, but there are different ways to determine the compensation. Using the daily or per-diem rate is a popular option. According to per-diem, a compensation rate for one day is calculated. Afterward, we multiply this value by the number of days the survivor experiences these non-financial losses.

Significant Factors Impacting the Compensation Amount:

Keeping in mind financial and non-financial losses, courts decide on the amount best suited to the victim in car accidents in Greenville. However, in the entire scenario, the victim’s state and multiple other factors are seen before deciding on a specific value. These factors include:

  • The area affected by injury
  • Severity of the wound(s)
  • Medical expenses in the present and future
  • Lost earnings
  • Pain experienced by a victim
  • If there is any permanent damage
  • Signs of PSTD, if applicable


Deciding on the final amount can be difficult but keeping these points helps people conclude. Lawyers also propose a specific compensation amount that they find suitable most of the time.

Hire the Best Car Accident Lawyers in Greenville SC:

Car accidents in Greenville, SC, have become a common threat to the locals. Therefore the need for Greenville car accident lawyers is much more than before. If you have experienced a similar situation or fear one in the future, contact our legal team today. Our firm is here to help everyone in need of it.

We have experienced lawyers who have fought similar cases in the past and can easily win a reasonable compensation amount for you as well.