What Type of Doctor Should I See After an Accident?

In the aftermath of a Greenville car accident, it is difficult to estimate how much medical treatment you need. Some car accident injuries may appear simple and easy to treat on the surface. But factors such as age, pre-existing conditions, and internal injuries not visible at a visual checkup may complicate matters.

A Greenville car accident attorney recommends all clients follow necessary treatments until the doctor says they’ve reached maximum medical improvement. This is the best way to ensure your well-being and maximize your chances of getting fair compensation.

These are some of the doctors that you may need to see after a car crash.

1. ER Doctor

The ER doctor is the first person who evaluates and provides first aid for car accident injuries. The doctor will order various diagnostic tests, such as:

  • X-ray
  • CT scan
  • MRI.

These tests will reveal any hidden injuries and their extent. Based on these discoveries, the ER doctor will direct you to the correct specialist (or specialists).

2. Orthopedist

Many car crashes result in bone fractures. Some of these may be less severe and will heal by placing the affected body part in a cast. For other injuries, you will need surgery performed by an experienced orthopedist.

These specialists know everything about bones and joints. They will be able to prescribe pain medication, as well as a physical therapy routine to regain the full movement and strength in the affected body part.

2. Neurologist/ Neurosurgeon

Neurologists specialize in treating injuries to the brain and the nerves in the body. Often, a car crash will result in nerve damage or more severe injuries to the spinal cord or the brain.

Traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries require the intervention of a highly skilled neurosurgeon, who will give you the best chance of making a full recovery or minimizing the level of impairment.

3. Burn Specialist

Car accident victims may suffer burns in the crash. Sometimes, sparks from the collision can set the fuel on fire – especially if one or both cars have the tank full.

Burn specialists can help patients heal from these severe injuries and minimize scarring. In many cases, the doctor has to perform skin grafts and recommend further plastic and reconstructive surgery, especially for visible body parts (face, neck, arms, etc.)

a car accident can cause different types of injuries

4. General Surgeon

A general surgeon can help resolve injuries related to tissue damage, muscle tears, and internal bleeding. These surgeries are often performed in the admitting ER or hospital, because they may become life-threatening if they are left untreated.

5. Primary Care Physician

After you are released from the hospital with a treatment plan, you will get in touch with your primary care physician. Their role is to monitor the evolution of your condition, how well you respond to the treatment, and issue prescriptions, as applicable.

If there are any problems along the way, your primary care physician will direct you to the right specialist to investigate the issue.

6. Chiropractor

Chiropractic is an effective type of treatment for car accident injuries and pain management. It is a non-invasive therapy, involving manipulation of the spine and joints. Many people prefer chiropractic care because they do not want to take prescription pain medication or are allergic to it.

4. Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is often necessary to recover movement, flexibility, and strength in various body parts injured in a car crash. The physical therapist is a licensed professional who knows what kind of exercises to recommend to you depending on:

  • The type of injury
  • Your level of fitness
  • Your age
  • The doctor’s recommendations.

The therapist will monitor you during sessions and also teach you exercises that you can do at home, without supervision.

A Greenville Car Accident Attorney Will Help You Recover Medical Care Costs!

No matter how much medical care you need for car accident injuries, do not miss any appointment or prescription refilling. When the time comes to evaluate your damages, your Greenville car accident attorney will add every bill and receipt to your total amount.

The lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company, while you can focus on resting and going to treatment appointments or physical therapy sessions.

Each new client benefits from a free case review, so call us at 864-310-7897 as soon as possible after your accident to schedule yours!