Improper Vehicle Maintenance & How It Causes Greenville Car Accidents

Nowadays, car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. Numbers show that every year around 2 million people are injured in car accidents. The main causes of Greenville car accidents include bad weather conditions, poor road conditions, careless driving, and many more. While talking about the causes, you should also know that improper vehicle maintenance is another reason for Greenville car accidents.

If a car with maintenance issues causes Greenville car accidents; whether the driver knows or not, they will be held accountable for the mishap and injuries. Poor maintenance can be the fault of the auto repair shop or a faulty part from the manufacturer. To avoid any risk for yourself or others on the road, you should not neglect the maintenance issues of your car.

A report from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 2,790 lives were saved by front airbags in 2017 and they reduce the risk of death by 14 percent while in the same year, 14,955 lives were saved by seatbelts and reduce the risk of death by 45 percent. In fatal crashes in 2017, around 83 percent of passengers who were not wearing seatbelts were killed.

A Greenville Car Accident Attorney Explains How Poor Maintenance Causes Crashes:

To stay away from being held guilty for an incident, you should inspect your vehicle properly on a regular basis.

Vehicle maintenance issues that could result in a car crash include:

Cracked Windshield:

A cracked windshield is a big deal. The reason behind this is that it can block the driver’s view. In an urgency, even a small obstruct view could grant the driver less than a second to react which makes a huge difference in Greenville car accidents.

Lights and Wipers:

Both lights and wipers are essential for safe driving. Lights indicate the car behind. If brake lights are not working, your car may not be visible to other drivers which can increase the chances of you getting into an accident. The vision will be considerably limited if the headlights are too dirty. As for wipers, they should be checked too because they could be very helpful especially in the rainy season.

Faulty Brakes and Worn Out Brake Pads:

Drivers should not disregard to take notice and have their brakes serviced or brake pads changed. If they neglect to do so, they may end up in a hospital after Greenville car accidents as it is likely for brakes to unexpectedly fail.

Bad Tires:

There is a lot of risk of a car rolling over in an incident if a vehicle has bad tires. There is no exemption for not knowing your tires’ poor condition. This risk is increased in SUVs and other heavy vehicles.

Inadequate Tire Pressure:

There should be an appropriate amount of pressure in the tires. Not too high or too low of a pressure because they both have an adverse impact on your tires.

Engine Failure:

Engine failure is a common cause of car accidents. Engine failures cause a car to malfunction and lead to very dangerous accidents. Therefore, it is important for you to check the engine lights as it is for your own safety.

Manufacturer Defects Causing Greenville Car Accidents:

Accidents are not only caused by driver’s negligence but also occur due to a fault in an auto part by the automobile manufacturer which is not under the control of the driver. In these cases, the car manufacturer is held responsible for the car crash as it is caused by their incompetence. Defects in seat belts or airbags, which fail to protect the passengers in a car accident, can make them suffer critical injuries or even death.

Negligent Repairs and Greenville Car Accidents:

Careless repairs and maintenance might also be a significant factor causing the accident. This means that the driver is solely not at fault as they played their role in executing proper care of the vehicle. This is the reason our firm stresses using the services of reputable and quality providers.

It is therefore vital to take constant care of the car and schedule it for frequent visits with your dealer. In the case where you take the red flags for granted, such as failure to address an error when a dire need of rectification is required, may term the owner as the culprit of such an incident.

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